hime_mimiko's Journal

♛Princess Mimi♛

Hello there! My name is Mimi. I am an eighteen year old college student living in New York City. I enjoy just about anything that deals with art, fashion, animals, sweets, video games, boys, pink, violin & all things that sparkle! Things I dislike are bugs, horror films, the dark, vegetables, physical fruit & Chuckie. I can be a weirdo at times but I think I'm pretty fun with it c:

I really love to chat with people so please feel free to send me a message if you would like. I don't bite. Also if you own a PS3 and play Call Of Duty or Little Big Planet please add me! My PSN is ichigo-mimiko. Just make suure you send me a message first! I also own q small collection of wii games so message me if you would like to play! :)
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